Breathergy: Health Benefits and Healing Properties

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“Breath nourishes the soul, the way that the sun nourishes a flower.” -Braedy Mac

We are all Breathing constantly, breathwork can help us breathe better.

Breathwork is found in every ancient culture across the world. You may even be practicing breathwork in your daily self care routine. Originating in ancient India, Pranayama is a common part of many yoga practices we see today.

Breathergy is different.

What is Breathergy?

Breathergy allows you to rapidly drop into a deep meditative state.

This is different from traditional breath work. It’s the practice of integrating energetic healing with your body’s own unique natural breathing rhythm. 

It’s been said Breathergy is:

“Meditation for people who can’t meditate”

Think of it as a manual system override for anxiety and the nervous system. Breathergy allows you to release old trauma actively being held in the nervous system by enhancing your ability to breathe. 

When trauma occurs, our bodies respond. Unsurprisingly, the most common response is holding our breath. Trauma can be big or small, a life altering event or even a loud noise at a young age.

Our bodies sometimes perceive trauma in what is unconscious to our logical minds. 

Fear naturally causes an initial fight or flight response and our bodies react. We may find ourselves holding our breath once again when a fear response comes up in future.

The action of holding our breath then becomes the way our body responds to all instances in future that trigger the same fight-or-flight response. In effect, we might be holding our breath for our entire lives. 

Physical trauma can cause a direct reaction of withholding breath as well. What once caused us pain to expand or contract the ribcage can become a pattern repeated long after the wound physically heals. 

And these patterns are happening to most of us completely unconsciously.

Breathergy works to heal the root of these learned responses by improving your body’s ability to breathe.

Resilience starts with breath. We can handle any of life’s challenges if we only stop to take a breath first.

How does it work?

"When breath is regulated, so is our life."

Breathergy reconnects you to your body’s natural breathing rhythm which then regulates your entire nervous system. Breathergy expands lung capacity, thus expanding our resilience to life's challenges.  

Breathergy is for everyone. People of all ages and abilities can do it!

With one-on-one treatment you will be guided to breathe with an even and full inhale +exhale. Breathergy brings you back into your natural breathing rhythm with balanced effort and ease. This will help you make permanent changes to your subconscious breath patterns, which will have long lasting effects on your mental and physical health, and overall well being.

There are zero health restrictions on who can do Breathergy. It’s important to note that this practice does not involve hyperventilating and does not involve strenuous breathing of any kind. 

Breathergy is all about healing.

As trauma is stored in the body and more specifically the nervous system. This powerful technique is quickly repatterning your breath to heal your mental, emotional and physical self. 

You will release stored trauma by entering a deep meditative state of breathing, as you are guided by Breathergy founder, Braedy Mac.


Physical Health Benefits:

Breathergy is about breathing and breathing better.

We’re all constantly breathing which means our blood chemistry is constantly changing. This affects our nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, cardiovascular and respiratory systems: Every single system in our body is affected by breath. That means every single system can be in optimal function by breathing more effectively. 

Simple factors for improved health like, stabilized blood pressure, higher energy levels, mental clarity, better balance, stronger physical ability, improved attention and focus, easier regulation of emotions and responses, are just a few examples of the benefits of Breathergy.

Mental Health Benefits:

Studies have shown that breathwork alone is an effective treatment for depression, anxiety and PTSD. 

Breath plays a key role in the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for controlling unconscious functions like digestion, heart rate, respiratory rate and of course, the fight-or-flight response. With Breathergy we can alter our subconscious responses to work for us more effectively. 

When your body goes through the stress of a fight-or-flight response, hormones are immediately released causing a spike in blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. The body’s immediate response of going into this state of hypervigilance can be reversed with Breathergy. Deep breathing helps to relax your body and allows you to respond calmly and thoughtfully. The long term effects of Breathergy bring further peace, balance and stability to our daily lives.

By getting back to our natural breathing rhythm and increasing our lung capacity, we allow for all of our bodily systems to function at their highest ability in each present moment. 

Simply put, breathing better allows every system in the body to work more efficiently. 

Breathergy was created combining Western science and ancient wisdom to heal our physical body in harmony with healing our mental, emotional and spiritual energies. We’re here to guide you on your healing journey toward greater peace, fulfillment and ultimately bliss!

Get back to basics with Blissful Movements Breathergy. 

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