Mindfulness Coaching

Tension in your body? Anxiety in your mind? 

There is a way to fix this!

We have developed a step by step process to bliss.

Physical > Mental > Energetic > Intuitive > Bliss

This powerful journey of 10x 1-on-1 sessions is exactly the breakthrough that you need to life a more bliss-filled life. 

Weeks 1,2 - Physical - Do you have tension, pain or fatigue?

Addressing and healing the physical self using movement & body work we address and remove  diseases in the body.


Weeks 3,4,5 - Mindfulness - Do you have constant thoughts that aren't serving you? Mindfulness coaching is a way to steer your thoughts into an organized loving space.


Weeks 6,7 - Energy Healing - Do you need to change the way you feel about life?

Energy work will change your emotional state, utilizing breath work, teaching you to own your energy, and reiki.


Weeks 8,9 - Intuition guidance - Do you wish you ALWAYS knew how to make the right decision? 

Learn to follow the guides of your highest intuition through ancient yogic techniques 


Week 10 - Graduation to Bliss. 

Tension free body, Peace of mind & Feelings of positive energy are a few of the side affects of graduating from this program. You will be living a healthy, abundant, joyful life. 

Go forth and share your new found light with the world.

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