Finding Bliss Together


Breathe & Release 

Energetic Healing Through Breath

Discover a new holistic way to treat traumas stored in your body, mind, and nervous system. Breathwork is a deeply healing practice that affects:
- Nervous system
- Thought processes
- Blood chemistry
- Endocrine system
- Focus 
- Organ function 
- Clarity

Becoming Man

A space to evolve.

I know you've been thinking about how you are investing your time..

Maybe asking yourself the question,

When will I discover my purpose?

Where do I even start? 

There comes a point in every mans life when they are ready to evolve; Becoming Man.

What does this look like?

- Leaving behind unhealthy habits and choosing to make conscious decisions in your highest interest.

- Connecting with a community that will lift you up and support your positive lifestyle

- Addressing and overcoming the discomfort of uncertainty 

- Receiving 1-1 & Group Couching 

- Cold shower & other exercises 

- Aligning with the realest version of yourself

Why Join?

- Becoming Man is a proven science-backed program with clear results.

- You might spend lifetimes trying to uncover your full potential. Becoming Man, helps you discover it in 4 short weeks.

- To become the man you have always dreamed you would, but haven't yet.

This investment in yourself is a four week program - 1h sessions per week virtually.

* Group & 1-1 coaching + accountability.* 

(options to extend after training)

Yoga From Home- Self Paced Program.

Practice & Coaching

This series six yoga classes will take you through a progression of flows that incorporate body, mind & bliss.

This is perfect for beginner to intermediate yogis and progresses with your practice.

If you are looking for a home practice to love the way you look, think & feel, this is the program for you!

+6 Meditations included for a limited time.

Jump Onto Your Mat & Start Now

+ Guided support with mindfulness coaching sessions


What Clients Have Said


"This fixed all my problems. Braedy has helped me understand the importance of taking time for myself. I feel so clear."

Julien Uhlig CEO E|X Zero Carbon, EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

Upcoming Events
Online Yoga Class - Deep Yin
Wed, Jun 03
Jun 03, 5:30 PM – 6:35 PM EDT
1h of gentle & slow Yin Yoga as we marinate into the deepest variations of our poses. This is the perfect opportunity remember what it's like to slow down let go, all from the comfort of your own home Wednesday's 530pm est.
Online Yoga Class - Yin-Yang Flow
Tue, Jun 02
Jun 02, 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT
A yoga flow to stoke the fires of your soul, and then cascade into the deep soft surrender all from the comfort of your own home Tuesday's 5:30pm est.
Online Yoga Class - Vinyasa Flow
Mon, Jun 01
Jun 01, 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM EDT
Dynamic movement, aimed to cultivate your inner yogi. This is a level 2 class for yogis that enjoy a challenge. - 1h Yoga flow from the comfort of your own home Monday's 530EST.

Braedy Mac

The Blissful Movements Podcast

Braedy Mac, Yogi, Mindfulness Coach, Energetic Healer & Bliss Seeker Interviews thought leaders from all around the world on how to implement blissful practices into your life. Education and entertainment are two themes to expect in this podcast.



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