Finding Bliss Together

Blissful Movements Theory:

There are at least three parts to self, Physical, Mental, Energetic. When we move any of these parts we affect the whole, and moving any two parts will change the third. 

Blissful Movements was founded to facilitate movement towards bliss. 

Mindfulness Coaching | Yoga & Lifestyle Exercise | Breathwork



Energetic Healing Through Breath

Becoming Man

A space to evolve.


What Clients Have Said


"This fixed all my problems. Braedy has helped me understand the importance of taking time for myself. I feel so clear."

Julien Uhlig CEO E|X Zero Carbon, EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

Braedy Mac

The Blissful Movements Podcast

Braedy Mac, Yogi, Mindfulness Coach, Energetic Healer & Bliss Seeker Interviews thought leaders from all around the world on how to implement blissful practices into your life. Education and entertainment are two themes to expect in this podcast.



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