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Becoming Man.


Becoming Man

A space to evolve.

I know you've been thinking about how you are investing your time..

Maybe asking yourself the question,

When will I discover my purpose?

Where do I even start? 

There comes a point in every mans life when they are ready to evolve; Becoming Man.

What does this look like?

- Leaving behind unhealthy habits and choosing to make conscious decisions in your highest interest.

- Connecting with a community that will lift you up and support your positive lifestyle

- Addressing and overcoming the discomfort of uncertainty 

- Receiving 1-1 & Group Couching 

- Aligning with the realest version of yourself

Why Join?

- Becoming Man is a proven science-backed program with clear results.

- You might spend lifetimes trying to uncover your full potential. Becoming Man, helps you discover it in 4 short weeks.

- To become the man you have always dreamed you would, but haven't yet.

This investment in yourself is a four week program - 1h sessions per week virtually.

* Group & 1-1 coaching + accountability.* 

(options to extend after training)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon

"Working with Braedy as my coach I have been able to set and achieve goals that I never though was possible. He has taught me that manifesting is a step-by-step progress. I feel like I can achieve anything. Thank you for all the positive changes, I am a happier ad healthier person."



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