My story

I have long been a student, receiving wonderful advancements from amazing teachers and guides. Gurumayi Chidvilasanda, a true guru who gave Shaktipat (awakening of the spiritual energy within) and complete acceptance of me as I was; MK Rasmussen, best friend and psychic teacher; Machaelle Small Wright, whose dedication to the science of life, brought to me my dearest friendships with the pure, sweet and quite powerful nature spirits; Nancy Fox who opened up the world of crystals and fairies, and created space for me to understand my own gift of guiding spiritual journeys; Doreen Virtue, who normalized and informed our ever-present relationships with angels and ascended masters; Matt Kahn, my YouTube and Angel Academy teacher who continues to complete transform my being; Solara An-Ra, my YouTube and .mp3 teacher, whose love and teachings touch my very core, and whose channeled sessions with her guides have given so much foundation to my own work with these same guides. Talks, books, work sessions; Jeannie Whyte in Raleigh!, Christy Sheldon, Virginia Essene & Irving Feurst, Ruth Rendley – these are just a few of the human teachers. The nature spirits, angels, ascended masters from Earth and beyond… So many more not in human form. I am struck with overwhelming gratitude for all that has been given to me. I am called deeply to pay this gift forward through the gifts of guiding, teaching, facilitating that have awakened within me.

Two years ago, I was abruptly required to face the fact that my marriage, job, and role as resident landlord had ceased serving my soul. There was beauty in all three, but hanging on was causing discord in me, and my interactions with others. This was a rough time. I couldn’t meditate; was without enthusiasm. I devotedly attended spiritual classes/sessions, but only with inklings of brightness. Spiritual teachers tell us that the “dark night of the soul” is when things inside and outside fall apart so that we can be born anew. They also advise that we turn out eyes toward love and goodness and away from fear, in order that we break free from concepts of darkness and victimhood, and step fully into the Light that is right here, right now!

Stuck in ideas of incompetence, unworthiness, in feelings of shame and guilt that had been only partially healed thus far, there was little enthusiasm or confidence for my new life. God, consciousness, our soul, our angels… meet us where we are. We need only ask – that is the law of Free Will – we have to ask. I asked. I listened to Matt Kahn videos, over and over; I reached out in small portions to new friends, and to family. I continued to sign up for spiritual classes as they provided a container for my connection with God that I was too reluctant to provide for myself.

The life came back to my being; the tearful gratitude for my own breath; for the essence of God in every molecule, quark, photon of all that is. I feel the angels, masters, high vibrational beings with me, around me, each bringing a unique gift of awakening, love, acceptance, expansion. These are my guides, as I guide others. They flow ideas into my consciousness; show me images; sometimes bring words to say to others…

The love and gratitude awakened through our openness to Consciousness/Source/God… is always, will always, be there. It is our own true, limitless nature. I wish this for all beings everywhere, unconditionally. My offerings of spiritual journeys, workshops, guidance, clearings is not something I would have chosen. I am quiet and a bit of a wallflower by nature. I was guided, strongly, to do this. I am therefore very fortunate in not being attached to its success. Whew. 🙂